Hey February!

I couldn’t wait for January to get over. I swear. i just couldn’t. I was worried if it was gonna get any worse than being floorless. Thankfully it is over. Just to give a heads up on what happened with our floors, we are still floorless, and we are almost close to giving up on fighting with the strata and the insurance. We are ready to burn our pockets a huge whole and get it over with. What else can we do? We are getting impatient day by day.

Meanwhile, I finished three books(patting my own back) Yes, finally after almost one and half year , i am getting back with my reading routine. The hubster still complains that i am with the books(he hates books) all the time. But i couldn’t help it. I want to read as much as i can.

Here’s to looking forward to February, and hoping that i read more books and get our floors fixed. Also, it is my birthday month. Woohoo, time to party!!


Life is full of surprises

When I talk about surprises I am not just talking about good ones , I am talking about bad ones as well. You can ask me how?  I have a very big story to tell.

It all started with a knock on our door on Saturday the 13th(as evil as the date sounds). Our neighbour from same floor as ours(we live in an apartment) wanted to check if there was any water flooding in our unit. Apparently, the unit that he lives in seemed to have flooded with water as there was a sewage pipe leakage in the unit that we both share our walls with. We were glad that there was no water in ours. So we happily left to our movie night without a worry(preposterous, I know).

Next day, the 14th of January was an auspicious day in my community. It was Pongal(harvest festival). Me and D(hubster) went for some weekly grocery shopping and came back and started cooking the heavenly dish “Sakkara pongal”(cooked rice sweetened with jaggery), with instructions from my MIL. The clock almost ticked 11.30 am, that was when the fate caught us by surprise. D started noticing water oozing out from the creaks in the wooden floor board. Apparently the water from the adjacent unit has started to flow through the walls and underneath our floor. We did not know the adversity of the situation until the plumber came in. Locksmiths were called to break into the other apartment as there was nobody living in it.

When the door was unlocked we found a whole a lot of water on the floor of that unit. I don’t know what the plumber was exactly doing, but I could see faeces coming out of the pipes and flowing into the apartment. It was such a disgusting sight. Once he fixed with the pipes, he came into our apartment only to tell us that our floor boards need to be taken out because of the  sewage pipe breakdown. He also told us that if we leave our floors just by itself, it would soon start to stink and there would be maggots and flies everywhere.

We were hell shocked. Want to know why? Because we had not insured our house(Lesson learnt). and we were pretty much sure that builder would not fix it for us as he had declared bankruptcy(duh). The next day the cleaner came in to clean up the mess. When I reached home after work, I found my home floorless except for the concrete floor underneath.

The point is not only about we being floorless, but also about how we are coping with the situation. We both are pretty much frustrated as this our first home and it has been just two months since we moved into the new place. I am trying to stay strong for D and he is doing the same for me. There are times when  we are pretty much exhausted and yell at each other for no reason as we have no idea on what to do.

We are talking to our solicitor right now on what could be done. We both know that this going to be a very long process to get our floors fixed but we have decided that no matter what we are going stay strong and fight for it legally.

I hope that life throws some good surprise at us now. Here’s to hoping!


Annoyed and how.

2018 has started and it’s already been 12 days into the year. God that was quick. Along with the start of the New year,a new something has happened to me. I am being anxious all the time.For a person who keeps her calm no matter what and loses her shit only to her Husband, this was so new. Because being anxious turned me into an irascible and annoyed kid.

It all started on New year’s eve. Me and D(my husband) had a really chilled out day. We had decided to go watch the Canberra fireworks and celebrate the New year. It all started around 11.00 pm in the night when we were leaving the house to the city square where we intended to watch the fireworks. I had no reason to be anxious, however I was anxious and it super annoyed me. But i still put up my happy face and left the house in the belief that i would be fine once I reach the spot. When i did so, i was distracted by all the loud thunderous music and hoards of people around me. I got myself amidst the crowds while the music was effing my ears so hard that all my feeling were silenced for sometime. Then we had to walk a few meters down the road around 11.55 pm to watch the firecrackers lighting up the sky. It truly was a mind-blowing sight. I was glad that the weird feeling did not come back.

But it actually did ,after a few days at my office. There is this person who works with me, who is completely weird and stupid to be honest. That day i completely lost my cool around that person. I know i shouldn’t have, it was very unprofessional for me to do that. But i could not help it. One of my colleague even suggested that i should go for meditation classes. I just cannot handle Meditation you know. I just cannot. Sitting in one place and closing your eyes and try so hard to meditate, that is so not me. I have tried doing this many times and utterly failed. I would rather sleep than meditate.

So, I came home and vented it all to D who patiently listened to me and convinced me that losing your shit is completely normal and it happens to all normal people. I then realised that i am not a Yogi or any such and having bad days/moods are completely normal. I have decided that the minute that i am going to start feeling anxious, i would go for a walk and calm myself down by either talking to D or talking to myself perhaps? what do you think? That might help I guess.

You cannot be calm and contained and optimistic all the time. It does not come by choice. It has to come from within. I should really work on my mind and body so that it does not coerce my feelings.positive In the end, All should be well.

Mid-Summer Activities

It is Summer here in Australia. One of the very popular activities in summer is cherry picking. I got to know about this through my office colleagues. Apparently cherries from the place called Young here is considered to be the best cherries in the world. For someone who has never done something like this before, I was all too excited.

Though my husband has been here in Australia for almost 7 years now, he has never been to cherry picking. He is not much into walking you know. So when I suggested that we do this for a weekend he immediately agreed just for the sake of me. Being the good husband you know.

We invited some friends along with us, and they were excited too. Plans were made and then cancelled and were made again.

So on a fine Sunday we four people headed out seeking cherries. There are handful of good farms in Young and we decided to go to Ballinaclash farm as my colleague suggested so.

After traveling for nearly two and half hours we reached our destination by 2.30 in the afternoon. There were apricot and nectarine as well along with the cherries. We decided to pick cherries first. So you can either choose already picked cherries(which is bit more expensive) or go for cherry picking yourself which was our agenda.

Each of us picked a bucket for 8AUD and proceeded into the farm. After walking further into the field we found trees where bunch of pretty cherries were awaiting to be picked.

The weird thing was each tree had 100 cherries but each tasted different from one another. Few trees were neglected and few were loved that we left the tree naked only with the leaves.

After nearly half an hour into the field, we then realised that the sun was splitting the stones. I started to sweat profusely and my energy was draining like a phone’s battery.

Two hours later, we were done with the picking with our buckets filled with cherries.

So we retrieved our buckets and started walking towards the place where they pack the cherries for us. Of course we had to pay an approximate of 35AUD. Once that’s done me and my friend realised we really needed something to cool us down and fortunately there was an ice cream counter in there. Without looking back we walked towards it and bought ourselves cherry ice cream and devoured it till the end.

Thus our day ended and we headed back to Canberra with happy faces as one down in our bucket list.


Catching up!

Leunig, catching up

After thousand minutes of contemplating on what could be my title for the next post, i ended up with this one. You can see that i haven’t posted anything in several months and there is a lot of catching up to do. Well winters were not as bad as people explained it to me. But there was lot more happening in these past months. It was our first anniversary and we went on a short trip to Gold coast. I indeed did something that i never imagined in my life that i would do. I went on a ROLLERCOASTER ride! Oh my god! I was never scared as I was that day. I got out from the ride feeling dizzy and swearing at the hubster for making me do this. He could not stop laughing at my disheveled state. The trip included lots of good food, mini-fights and loads of love. We couldn’t be happier.

And there was Nyla, the baby boo who came into our lives(not my child!) She is such a delight to hang around with. Babies are always beautiful and divine. I love the smell that emanates from them. I just love it.

Also, We went to India for four weeks. What a holiday that was. Breaking from the busy life and staying cozy at  home while there is mum and dad around, i couldn’t ask for more. I never wanted to come back. I even had this frivolous idea to run back home. silly me! But coming back to Australia was not a easy job as well. There was so much to do!And there still is! Laters.

Hello Winter!

My alarm goes ” bam, bam , bam ” in the morning as usual , even though the tone is somewhat melodious I end up hearing only this noise. It’s that time where I have get up, get ready and rush off to office. My mind knows exactly what I should do but my body does not oblige. It feels as if it has forgotten how to move. I am wondering what is just happening to me. I convince myself to sleep for another two minutes, and squeeze my eyes shut. The coziness and the warmth under the quilt is not letting me to even to move. I curl up in the bed and make myself comfortable and doze off for another twenty minutes. After sometime, my eyes splutter wide open and I almost jump off the bed after looking at the time. I literally run to the bathroom to finish off my morning rituals. I stand there contemplating whether I should call my team leader to let her know that I would be coming in late or should I just hurry up and get ready. I end up choosing the latter option because being punctual to office has almost become my habit.

Now that I decided to rush, I was literally on top of the house running around, getting my breakfast and lunch , ironing my crumpled and crushed top. I felt like I was doing everything at the same time. Packing lunch is a big deal for people like me whose lunch has been packed only by their mum for almost 22 years. Since I am on a to get ready quickly mission, I decide to just take fruits because that’s the easiest to pack. I quickly  gulp down three breads along with water to make it easy for the bread to go down my throat. Just then my mind rewinds to my mornings in India where I had the liberty to wake up at any time and food will be served hot no matter what. And my heart cries out for those mornings, but my mind reminds me that it’s almost time to leave.  I leave the house with a handful of so many things and rush to my car, and I find a layer of frost on my windshield. I thanked myself for bringing a bottle of hot water to the rescue. I turn the heater on and the  hot air blows out. I wait for the car to get warm enough and start to my office. There is not much traffic, and I thank god for that. When I get to my office I realize that I am five minutes early. I am sure that I did not over speed. My mind yells saying mission accomplished. That’s what matters doesn’t it?

While in the office, I hear from the radio that it was -4° C in the morning. Having lived in a tropical climate all my life, this was all new for me. Well in that moment my mind repeated the famous dialogue, ” Winter is here”. Though my mornings are going to be tough for another two months, I want to enjoy this weather because this is my first winter. Well, Hello Winter! Looking forward to more chilly mornings from you! Bring it on!



The Longing to be home!

” The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not to be questioned” – Maya Angelou

It’s been 6 months since I moved to Australia from India. I have never felt more homesick than I am today. Guess it is one of my other mood swings. I long for some hot dosas served with love from my mom. I long for the morning wake up call, not from my phone but from my dad, who comes lunging in my room and  doesn’t leave until he  makes sure that I am awake. I long for the lovely walks I take in front of the house with Juno(our dog). I love the way he wags his tail and walks behind or sometimes through my leg every time. I long for those silly fights with my brother(who does not fight with me these days, because he is being a gentle brother). I long for the day out with this soul who understands me better than anyone. I long for the cuddles from my nephews who are nothing but the sugar coated dumplings. I long to read books in my room, and not  to stop until my eyes and brain hurt at the same time. I long for the lonely nights where I lay in my room and stare at the walls without blinking and long for solitude. I long to stay home and don’t care.

Not that I am not happy here. I have got the absolute best love and every day gives something new to learn. But the longing for home stays buried deep inside the heart beneath all that flesh and days like these will bring out all the unsung feelings. No matter where I go, this longing will always by my side and follow me like a shadow not only in the light but also in the dark. I am trying to make this place my new home. But something tells me that I don’t belong here. Perhaps I should try harder. Deep inside my heart smirks at me and says  however hard you try, Home will always be Home.  It is the truth, as the heart says so!