Floriade 2018!

Birth of September and October brings in a lot of joy as it signifies the birth of Spring. During these months, the country sheds it’s cloak of biting cold weather and let’s in some sun shine. It is that time of the year where nearly millions of flowers are in full bloom at the Commonwealth park in Canberra. The event is  popularly known as Floriade, which draws in a lot of tourists for the capital from all over the world. Read More


Late to the Party!

Hello all you lovely people? How you guys been doing? I am great, in case you are wondering! Last week, on my drive to work, I was listening to this popular breakfast radio show , Kristen & Wilko and one of the funniest and relatable topic came up for discussion that day. Read More

Tobogganing in Thredbo

If beaches are for Summer, then Snowy mountains are irrefutably for Winter. The extremely cold weather here in Canberra led us to a jaunt to the snowies, that was long pending in our calendar. We decided to hit the road on a fine Saturday morning.

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